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Table 2 Genes upregulated in CD19+CD24CD38hi plasmablasts/plasma cells of patients with immunoglobulin G4-related disease

From: Circulating plasmablasts/plasma cells: a potential biomarker for IgG4-related disease

Gene symbol Fold change Function
XBP1 17.2451 Transcription factor
ESR1 3.50117 Transcription factor
PRDM1 6.7131 Transcription factor
IRF4 3.88718 Transcription factor
TLR8 4.81882 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
SDC1 2.99145 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
CD59 12.8752 Cell surface, complexes with integrin
CD38 32.2263 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
IL6R 6.89689 Cell surface
PPIB 6.5266 Chaperone, unfolded protein response
HSPA13 7.91297 Chaperone, unfolded protein response
DNAJC1 3.01175 Chaperone, unfolded protein response
DNAJB9 2.97997 Chaperone, unfolded protein response
SSR3 6.50177 Protein assembly and trafficking
SSR4 5.70331 Protein assembly and trafficking
TNFRSF17 32.2516 Inhibitor of apoptosis
MAN1A1 5.35643 Posttranscriptional modification
VDR 16.5348 Transcriptional regulatory activity
ITGA6 2.21157 Integrin
IGHG 6.5159 Immunoglobulin heavy chain
IGH@ 6.4298 Immunoglobulin heavy chain
IGHA1 4.101 Immunoglobulin heavy chain
IGLC1 7.9258 Immunoglobulin light chain
IGLJ3 3.789 Immunoglobulin light chain
IGLL5 9.8509 Immunoglobulin light chain
IGLV1-44 8.2352 Immunoglobulin light chain
IGK@ 6.8981 Immunoglobulin kappa gene
IGKC 7.1539 Immunoglobulin kappa gene
CD27 4.65501 Apoptosis, signal transduction
CAV1 27.0908 Intracellular
IGF1 3.64001 Signal transduction
LTK 3.27963 Tyrosine kinase, intracellular signaling
GADD45A 4.13495 Cell cycle
CD44 2.23611 Cellular migration, cytokine receptor activity
MKI67 5.39044 Cell proliferation
CCR10 2.16384 Chemokine receptor