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Table 1 Characteristics of incident cases of primary Sjögren’s syndrome

From: Cigarette smoking and the risk of primary Sjögren’s syndrome: a nested case control study

Characteristic Patients (n = 63)
Sex (male/female) (n) 5/58
Age at diagnosis of pSS (years) 61 (54–69)
Time between inclusion and diagnosis (years) 8.2 (2.4–14.1)
Time between onset of symptoms and diagnosis (years) 4.0 (1.0–6.8)
Anti-SSA seropositive 59%
Anti-SSB seropositive 41%
ANA seropositive 73%
RF seropositive 57%
Lower lip salivary gland biopsy focus score ≥1 85%
  1. Results are presented as numbers, median (IQR) or percentage in cases with available data. Missing data on time of symptom onset in 15 patients, Sjögren’s syndrome related antigen A, Ro (anti-SSA), Sjögren’s syndrome related antigen B, La (anti-SSB) and antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in 1 patient, rheumatoid factor (RF) in 2 patients and lower lip salivary gland biopsy focus score in 6 patients. pSS Primary Sjögren’s syndrome