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Table 4 Correlations between ΔDAS28CRP and ΔMRI scores

From: Changes in clinical disease activity are weakly linked to changes in MRI inflammation on treat-to-target escalation of therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Change in MRI scores (over 4 months) Number of observations Spearman correlation coefficients p value
Δtotal MRI(i) 66* 0.36 0.003
Δosteitis 68 0.12 0.33
Δsynovitis 66 0.21 0.09
Δtendonitis 66 0.33 0.007
Δerosion 67 –0.02 0.87
  1. *Sixty-six scan pairs available, includes eight pairs from the four patients who transitioned from Group A to Group B
  2. DAS28 CRP disease activity score (28 joints) incorporating C-reactive protein, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, MRI(i) total MRI inflammation score at the wrist (sum of synovitis, osteitis and tendonitis scores)