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Fig. 3

From: Childhood Takayasu arteritis: disease course and response to therapy

Fig. 3

Measures of disease activity and damage in the 22 childhood TAK patients with active disease at diagnosis. The squares represent individual patients. AZA azathioprine, CS corticosteroids, Cyclo cyclophosphamide, FU follow-up, IFX infliximab, ITAS2010 Indian Takayasu Arteritis Activity Score, MMF mycophenolate mofetil, MTX methotrexate, PVAS Pediatric Vasculitis Activity Score, PVDI Pediatric Vasculitis Damage Index, TCZ tocilizumab. *One child was started on cyclophosphamide treatment at 6 weeks and died at time of flare at 4 months after diagnosis. **One child was started on cyclophosphamide treatment 6 weeks after diagnosis. ***One child died 12 days after diagnosis

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