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Table 2 Krenn score – histopathological evaluation of the degeneration grade of the fibrocartilage (0–3)

From: Calcification of the acetabular labrum of the hip: prevalence in the general population and relation to hip articular cartilage and fibrocartilage degeneration

Grade Features
0 Normal histological morphology  • Isomorphic chondrocytes  • Homogeneously eosinophil-stained matrix  • Regular cellularity
1 Low-grade degeneration  • Low reduction of cellularity (small areas)  • Inhomogeneous stained matrix  • Small fissures in the matrix
2 Moderate degeneration  • Moderate reduction of cellularity (large areas)  • Variable size and shape of chondrocytes  • Moderate fissures in the matrix
3 High-grade degeneration  • Strong reduction of cellularity  • Large areas of complete loss of chondrocytes  • Reticular/basophilic stained matrix (mucoid degeneration)  • Large fissures in the matrix (pseudocysts)