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Table 4 Logistic regression assessing the risk of MRI sacroiliitis and including rs1004819 genotype, age, gender, HLA-B27 presence and NSAIDs intake

From: Association between IL23R and ERAP1 polymorphisms and sacroiliac or spinal MRI inflammation in spondyloarthritis: DESIR cohort data

  OR [95%CI] p value
rs1004819 0.71 [0.53–0.94] 0.02
age NS
Gender 2.15 [1.46–3.19] < 0.0001
CRP (per mg/L) 1.02 [1.00–1.03] 0.01
HLA-B27 1.95 [1.27–2.97] 0.002
NSAIDs intake NS
  1. Age, ASDAS-CRP and NSAIDs intake were removed after backward procedure
  2. OR odds ratio, %95CI 95% confidence interval, NS non-significant