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Fig. 2

From: Impact of synthetic and biological immunomodulatory therapy on the duration of 17DD yellow fever vaccine-induced immunity in rheumatoid arthritis

Fig. 2

Levels of neutralizing antibodies in patients undergoing immunomodulatory therapy after 17DD-YF vaccination. PRNT was performed as described previously by Simões et al. [11]. The data are reported as a ranges of PRNT levels and b the proportion of PRNT seropositivity (serum dilution > 1:50) for the reference groups [NV(day0) and PV(day30–45)], and nine study groups are referred to as CONT(1–5 years), CONT(> 5–9 years), CONT(≥10 years), csDMARD(1–5 years), csDMARD(> 5–9 years), csDMARD(≥10 years), cs+bDMARD(1–5 years), cs+bDMARD(> 5–9 years), and cs+bDMARD(≥ 10 years). Significant differences in PRNT levels were highlighted by letters “a” and “b” compared to NV(day0) or PV(day30–45), respectively. Seropositivity rates below 80% were considered critical and were underscored by gray background rectangles

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