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Table 1 List of primary antibodies used. Antibody for mPGES1, in-house [54]

From: Divergent roles of prostacyclin and PGE2 in human tendinopathy

Antigen Antibody ID Isotype Species Dilution
IP receptor LS Bio, cat# LS-A4395 IgG rabbit 1:100
PGIS LS Bio, cat# LS-C167246 IgG rabbit 1:100
CD68 Dako, cat# M0814 IgG1 mouse 1:100
CD31 Abcam, cat# ab187377 IgG1 mouse 1:150
CD34 Proteintech, cat# 60180 IgG2b mouse 1:100
COX-2 Abcam, cat# ab10940 IgG1 mouse 1:100
mPGES-1 In house (Westman et al., 2004) IgG rabbit 1:5000
COX-1 LS Bio, cat# LS-C14603 IgG2b mouse 1:100
PDPN Abcam, cat# ab10288 IgG1 mouse 1:100
NMDAR-1 BD Biosciences, cat# BD556308 IgG2a mouse 1:250
TLR4 Abcam, cat# ab22048 IgG2b mouse 1:200
IL-1R Abcam, cat# ab190078 IgG rabbit 1:200