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Table 2 Top 20 most significantly overrepresented biological process gene ontology terms in upregulated differentially expressed genes when comparing the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) exposed to activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from rheumatoid arthritis patients vs. BM-MSCs exposed to resting PBMCs from RA patients

From: RNA sequencing of mesenchymal stem cells reveals a blocking of differentiation and immunomodulatory activities under inflammatory conditions in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Category Term Genes in category DEGs in category p value FDR
p value
GO:0006955 Immune response 1014 187 6.66E−65 1.25E−60
GO:0006952 Defense response 1109 192 4.23E−62 3.98E−58
GO:0002376 Immune system process 1669 227 2.41E−55 1.51E−51
GO:0043207 Response to external biotic stimulus 571 121 1.46E−46 5.49E−43
GO:0051707 Response to other organism 571 121 1.46E−46 5.49E−43
GO:0034097 Response to cytokine 613 125 2.84E−46 8.92E−43
GO:0071345 Cellular response to cytokine stimulus 531 115 3.89E−45 1.05E−41
GO:0009607 Response to biotic stimulus 595 121 1.35E−44 3.19E−41
GO:0006954 Inflammatory response 366 95 2.48E−44 5.19E−41
GO:0019221 Cytokine-mediated signaling pathway 422 101 1.70E−43 3.19E−40
GO:0002684 Positive regulation of immune system process 618 117 5.97E−40 1.02E−36
GO:0050896 Response to stimulus 5154 398 7.48E−40 1.17E−36
GO:0002682 Regulation of immune system process 979 146 7.82E−38 1.13E−34
GO:0009605 Response to external stimulus 1588 188 1.10E−35 1.38E−32
GO:0045087 Innate immune response 708 119 1.70E−35 1.99E−32
GO:0034341 Response to interferon-gamma 103 46 3.07E−33 3.04E−30
GO:0009617 Response to bacterium 298 74 5.57E−33 5.25E−30
GO:0006950 Response to stress 2812 260 3.03E−32 2.72E−29
GO:0007154 Cell communication 3731 304 1.14E−29 9.35E−27
GO:0001775 Cell activation 600 100 1.66E−29 1.24E−26