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Fig. 3

From: Survival and death causes of patients with giant cell arteritis in Western Norway 1972–2012: a retrospective cohort study

Fig. 3

The distribution of underlying death causes in GCA patients and matched controls in Bergen Health Area 1972–2012 (all values represent the number (%) of persons with the registered death cause). Underlying death causes are grouped according to COD-SL-2012: infections—COD-SL-2012 codes 1.1–1.4; cancer—COD-SL-2012 codes 2.1.1–2.1.22; diabetes—COD-SL-2012 code 4.1; dementia/Alzheimer’s—COD-SL-2012 codes 5.1 and 6.2; circulatory disease—COD-SL-2012 codes 7.1–7.4; respiratory disease (including influenza and pneumonia)—COD-SL-2012 codes 8.1–8.4; ulcer—COD-SL-2012 code 9.1; musculoskeletal—COD-SL-2012 code 11; other—all other COD-SL-2012 codes. GCA, giant cell arteritis; COD-SL-2012, European Shortlist for Causes of Death (2012 version)

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