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Fig. 4

From: IL-1β receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) combined with autophagy inducer (TAT-Beclin1) is an effective alternative for attenuating extracellular matrix degradation in rat and human osteoarthritis chondrocytes

Fig. 4

Effect of IL-1Ra, TAT, and IL-1Ra+TAT on ECM and autophagy in three-week-post-operative OA rats. a Representative images of immunohistochemistry staining for Col II (1:200), Aggrecan (1:200), Beclin1 (1:200), and LC3B (1:200) (original magnification × 10). b Graphs indicating the relative area of Col II and Aggrecan expression and the relative positive cells of Beclin1 and LC3B. The values represent the means ± 95% CI (**p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, ****p < 0.0001)

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