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Table 4 Univariate linear regression analysis of polygenic score with fractional excretion of uric acid

From: Population-specific factors associated with fractional excretion of uric acid

Polygenic scoreEastern PolynesianWestern PolynesianNew Zealand European
βSE βStandardised βPβSE βStandardised βPβSE βStandardised βP
Including SLC2A911.712.830.194.11 × 10−514.636.980.120.0413.912.230.206.52 × 10−10
Not including SLC2A910.692.920.162.78 × 10−415.878.940.110.0811.453.880.103.25 × 10−3
  1. A higher polygenic score indicates a greater genetic predisposition for a higher FEUA. SE standard error