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Table 4 Performance of biomarkers to predict active SLE

From: Performance of cytokine models in predicting SLE activity

BiomarkerAUC95% CICut-off pointSensitivitySpecificityLR+LR−
C30.6470.541–0.752< 0.90 g/l61.64%71.23%1.570.63
C40.6120.500–0.724< 0.20 g/l47.06%63.10%1.480.68
Anti-dsDNA0.6190.519–0.719> 100.0 IU/ml52.94%63.01%1.430.74
IFN-α0.6220.523–0.720> 10.17 pg/ml50.98%59.80%1.680.70
MCP-10.7070.616–0.799> 779.28 pg/ml66.67%67.12%2.020.49
IL-60.6840.592–0.776> 5.44 pg/ml52.94%82.19%2.970.57
IL-80.7540.663–0.844> 55.0 pg/ml64.00%82.43%3.380.44
IL-180.8010.721–0.882> 50.0 pg/ml70.00%79.73%3.450.37
  1. AUC area under a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve, LR likelihood ratios
  2. Number of patients using in the analysis; active SLE (n = 51), inactive SLE (n = 73)