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Table 3 Responders vs. non-responders to BFRE training. Responders, patients showing progress in all three tests of functional capacity (FP22, FP15); non-responders, patients with a decline in at least two of the tests of functional capacity (FP3, FP14, FP20). An upregulation (positive response) is defined as a 10% increase or more. A decline (negative response) is defined as 10% decrease or more. No change is defined as a change of less than 10%

From: The immune system in sporadic inclusion body myositis patients is not compromised by blood-flow restricted exercise training

PatientT cells (CD3+)Cytotoxic T cells (CD3+ CD8+)CD28null T cells (CD3+ CD244+)Cytotoxic T cell subset (CD8+ CD244+)M1 macrophages (CD68+ CD206)M2 macrophages (CD68+ CD206+)
FP 2216898414522410187467198142326305
FP 15115293141010156984410615
FP 31032432260918145167606773
FP 14340.40.0313691339320
FP 20102936163210114953627