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Fig. 2

From: Risk stratification and clinical course of hepatitis B virus reactivation in rheumatoid arthritis patients with resolved infection: final report of a multicenter prospective observational study at Japanese Red Cross Hospital

Fig. 2

Serological outcomes after 15 patients became PQHD in the current study. Each of the 15 bars represents patients with PQHD, and the bar height represents the length of the observation period. The black portion indicates the year that HBV DNA was detected, and the white portion indicates the year that HBV DNA was negative. Of the 15 cases with PQHD, seven received NAA. HBV DNA status turned negative in 3 cases with and without NAA administration in the second year. Among five cases observed in the third and fourth years, the status of HBV infection did not change. Abbreviations: PQHD, positivity with quantifiable HBV DNA; HBV, hepatitis B virus; NAA, nucleic acid analog

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