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Table 2 Difference in accumulation in immune complexes of different autoantibodies

From: Increased levels of anti-dsDNA antibodies in immune complexes before treatment with belimumab associate with clinical response in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Percentages in IC compared to those in seradsDNA, 2.26%Histone, 2.97%Rib P, 5.24%PCNA, 12.9%SSA/Ro52, 2.63%SSA/Ro60, 2.27%SSB/La, 2.59%Sm, 0.788%U1RNP, 1.60%
Histone, 2.97%0.789        
Ribosomal P, 5.24%0.1030.115       
PCNA, 12.9%< 0.001< 0.0010.001      
SSA/Ro5, 2.63%0.7060.5370.031< 0.001     
SSA/Ro60, 2.27%0.6360.4050.040< 0.0010.835    
SSB/La, 2.59%0.9120.8510.082< 0.0010.7080.533   
Sm, 0.788%0.0020.001< 0.001< 0.001< 0.0010.0040.001  
U1RNP, 1.60%0.2630.1660.027< 0.0010.3300.5070.1960.009 
Sm-U1RNP, 2.25%0.4460.4090.061< 0.0010.6300.7330.4540.0060.794
EnrichmentdsDNA, 24.0Histone, 29.7Rib P, 59.7PCNA, 149SSA/Ro,52 28.0SSA/Ro,60 21.4SSB/La, 29.9Sm, 7.29U1RNP, 16.0
Histone, 29.70.895        
Ribosomal P, 59.70.1530.155       
PCNA, 149< 0.001< 0.0010.002      
SSA/Ro5, 28.00.7380.5410.040< 0.001     
SSA/Ro60, 21.40.5950.5170.064< 0.0010.733    
SSB/La, 29.90.9780.8760.103< 0.0010.7190.578   
Sm, 7.29< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001< 0.001  
U1RNP, 16.00.2920.2110.040< 0.0010.3810.1680.1920.005 
Sm-U1RNP, 20.80.4300.3260.060< 0.0010.6380.3620.3950.0030.860
  1. Results are shown for the percentage of levels in IC as compared to conventional measurement in sera in the upper part and as enrichment after correction for total IgG concentrations in IC and sera in the lower part. Median values for the percentage in IC as compared to that in serum and enrichment factors are presented below each autoantibody name in the upper and lower parts, respectively. Differences between individual autoantibody specificities concerning percentage in IC (upper part) and enrichment factors (lower part) were compared pairwise with the Wilcoxon signed rank test, and significant differences are depicted in italics. The corresponding distributions are shown in Fig. 1c, d. Significant p values are presented in italics. Rib P ribosomal P