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Fig. 3

From: High-throughput sequencing of CD4+ T cell repertoire reveals disease-specific signatures in IgG4-related disease

Fig. 3

Bootstrap resampling for the parameters associated with clonal expansion and coding degeneracy levels. Bootstrap resampling was applied to the following parameters: the proportion of expanded clones, the proportion of highly expanded clones, the Shannon-Wiener index, the proportion of coding degenerated clones, and the proportion of expanded and coding degenerated clones. Left panel: The distribution of bootstrap means of each variable in healthy controls and IgG4-RD patients. Estimated means and 95% confidence intervals of each variable were also displayed on the plot. Middle panel: Bootlier plot of each variable in healthy controls and IgG4-RD patients. Results of Bootlier test were also displayed on the plot. Right panel: Group comparison by nonparametric bootstrap t test with pooled resampling method. Bootstrap t values were calculated according to Dwivedi et al. [30]. The distribution of bootstrap t values and observed t values was shown

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