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Table 5 Performance of the classification criteria for RA with different serological components

From: Improved RA classification among early arthritis patients with the concordant presence of three RA autoantibodies: analysis in two early arthritis clinics

Serological componentScores a  Logistic regression b
2010 ACR/EULAR72.678.875.873.777.1
Ccdc. +  201076.480.678.876.878.6
  1. aScores were as in the 2010 ACR/EULAR criteria; or depending on the number of concordant antibodies as 5 for 3, 3 for 2, and 1 for 1 antibodies; or combining the two criteria as 5 for 3 or 2 antibodies with high titres, 3 for 3 or 2 antibodies with low titres, and 1 for 1 antibody irrespective of the titres
  2. bClassification was done with logistic regression including the non-serological and the serological criteria and adjusted to obtain 80% sensitivity