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Table 3 Healthcare utilization in SSc by DU status between 2008 and 2015

From: Digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis: their epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and associated clinical and economic burden

Characteristics per patientDU
n (%) or mean ± SD, median (IQR 25th–75th)
(n = 527)
n (%) or mean ± SD, median (IQR 25th–75th)
(n = 558)
p value
 % of patients admitted to hospital (2008–2015)466 (88.4%)454 (81.4%)< 0.001
 Average annual hospital admissions per patient2.1 (1–3.7)1·5 (1–2.8)< 0.001
 Average LOS per patient per admission2.3 (1.2–4.3)1·8 (1.1–3.9)< 0.001
Reason 3 reasons for admission
 1Systemic sclerosisPneumonia 
 2Chronic ulcerSystemic sclerosis 
 3Raynaud’s syndromeLRTI 
 % of patients presenting to ED (2008–2015)375 (71.2%)356 (63.8%)0.01
 Average annual ED presentations per patient2 (1–4)2 (1–3)0.001
Top 3 reasons for ED presentation
 1Chest painChest pain 
 2Lobar pneumoniaAcute LRTI 
 3·DyspneaAbdominal pain 
 % of patients utilizing an MBS service (2008–2015)522 (99.1%)556 (99.6%)0.23
 Average annual MBS services utilized per patient58 (39–91)55 (35–86)0.03
Top 3 MBS services utilized
 1Pathology (44.9%)Pathology (42.9%) 
 2Professional (29.9%)Professional (32.9%) 
 3Allied Health Service (14.7%)Allied Health Service (11.2%) 
  1. Abbreviations: DU digital ulceration, MBS medicare benefits schedule, LOS length of stay, ED emergency department, PVD peripheral vascular disease, LRTI lower respiratory tract infection