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Table 2 Characteristics of IgAV patients with and without gastrointestinal or renal involvement

From: Predicting gastrointestinal and renal involvement in adult IgA vasculitis

CharacteristicsGastrointestinal involvementRenal involvement
YesNop valueYesNop value
Number58156 83131 
Disease duration (days)#8 (7–15)7 (5–21)0.6507 (5–19)7 (5–21)0.682
Age (years)#55.5 (39.0–74.0)65.4 (48.1–76.9)0.05367.8 (53.6–77.4)59.5 (40.2–75.8)0.006
Male gender*70.755.10.04361.458.00.669
Active smoking*22.418.60.56326.515.30.052
Prior infection*34.531.40.74332.532.11.0
Concurrent infection*10.317.30.28716.914.50.699
New medication*25.923.70.72424.124.41.0
Past cancer*6.914.70.16512.013.01.0
Generalized purpura*79.340.4< 0.00160.245.00.036
Necrotic purpura*46.645.
Elevated serum IgA*34.552.60.02160.239.70.005
NLR#4.89 (3.3–6.7)3.8 (2.4–5.5)0.0034.6 (2.9–6.5)3.8 (2.4–5.5)0.041
  1. #Median (IQR)
  2. *Percentage