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Table 3 Final set of key performance indicators

From: A Canadian evaluation framework for quality improvement in childhood arthritis: key performance indicators of the process of care

KPI nameReporting during measurement period
Assessment of arthritis-related pain% of patients assessed for pain at the first visit and each subsequent visit using any validated age-appropriate tool to measure average pain.
Rheumatological joint count% of patients where a joint count was conducted on the first visit and each subsequent visit using a validated tool.
Physician’s global assessment of disease activity% of patients assessed for a PGA using any validated tool at the first visit and at each subsequent visit.
Assessment of functional ability% of patients assessed for functional ability using any validated tool at the first visit and at every routine clinic visit.
Composite disease activity measurement% of patients in with an assessment of disease activity using the cJADAS.
Tuberculosis screening% of patients screened for TB within 12 months prior to receiving a first course of therapy using a biologic DMARD.
Laboratory monitoring for DMARDs% of patients who received methotrexate and leflunomide and monitored for toxicity by clinical laboratory methods.
Waiting times for rheumatologist consultation for patients with new onset JIAThe 50th and 90th percentile waiting times for rheumatologic consultation.
Percentage of patients with JIA seen by a rheumatologist% of patients with new onset JIA (incident JIA) with at least 1 visit to a pediatric rheumatologist in the first year of diagnosis.
Percentage of patients seen in yearly follow-up by a pediatric rheumatologist% of patients with JIA seen by their pediatric rheumatologist at least once every year over.
  1. KPI key performance indicator, PGA Physician’s global assessment, cJADAS Clinical Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score, DMARDs disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, TB tuberculosis screening