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Table 1 Description of the datasets used in the study

From: An integrative Bayesian network approach to highlight key drivers in systemic lupus erythematosus

No.GSE no.GPL/platformNo. of sampleCell typeUpdate (year)Race
SLE patientsControls
512123913158/Affymetrix65c20PBMC2018Caucasian/African Americand
612630713369/Illumina319PBMC2019Several racese
  1. aThe data were collected in the USA/South San Francisco, but the race of subjects is unknown
  2. bThe data were collected in the USA/Dallas, but the race of subjects is unknown
  3. cOnly the data related to the first visit (v1) samples of any patient were entered in the analysis
  4. dThis subset of the samples is derived from a preliminary dataset which were collected in the USA/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Institutional, and most of the race of subjects (92.8%) are Caucasian and African American
  5. eThe data collected in USA/Dallas, but the race of subjects is Australian, Australian (Irish/Scottish descent), born in India—ethnicity unknown, Caucasian, Caucasian/Japanese, English, Filipino, Indian, Iraqi, Latin American, Persian, Spanish, and White Australian/Anglo-Celtic