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Table 1 miRNAs in osteoclast function and survival

From: Noncoding RNAs in subchondral bone osteoclast function and their therapeutic potential for osteoarthritis

miRNAs Species Up/down Overall impact Targets Steps impacted References
miR-31 Mouse Up Positive RhoA Acting ring formation [23]
miR-21 Mouse Up Positive PTEN Resorption [24]
miR-146-5p Human Up Positive ND Resorption [25]
miR-34c Mouse Up Positive LGR4 Survival [26]
miR-29b Mouse Up Positive Bmf Survival [27]
miR-539 Rat Down Positive ND Survival [28]
miR-21 Mouse Up Negative FASL Survival [29]
miR-21 Human Up Negative OPG Resorption [30]
miR-26a Mouse ND Negative ND Resorption [31]
miR-29b Human Down Negative FOS; MMP-2 Acting ring formation [32]
miR-30a Mouse Down Negative DC-STAMP Acting ring formation [33]
miR-9; miR-181a Mouse ND Negative Cbl Survival, mobility [34]
miR-142-3p Human Down Negative PRKCA Survival [35]
miR-186 Mouse ND Negative CTSK Survival [36]
miR-193-3p Mouse ND Negative NFATc1 Resorption [37]
miR-338-3p Mouse Down Negative IKKβ Resorption [38]