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Table 5 Spearman rho correlation coefficient (ρ) for the score of inflammatory changes of flexor tendon pulleys (A1 and A2) and PsAMRIS sub-scores, total PsAMRIS, and flexor tendon pulley thickness at D2–5 in PsA and RA patients

From: High-resolution MRI of flexor tendon pulleys using a 16-channel hand coil: disease detection and differentiation of psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis

Flexor tenosynovitis0.70.490.910.460.70.480.760.41
Periarticular inflammation0.490.490.620.320.770.490.60.53
Bone erosion0.370.160.430.310.13na0.620.28
Bone edema0.52− 0.340.660.390.36na0.28na
Bone proliferation− 0.03na− 0.05na− 0.44na0.05na
Overall PsAMRIS0.720.460.810.470.450.630.800.46
Pulley thickness0.23 0.11 0.22 0.07 
  1. na = non applicable
  2. After (adapted) Bonferroni correction, p values < 0.0167 were considered significant and are printed in bold type