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Table 3 Differentially regulated genes in TNF-Tg vs WT mice specific to LMCs. Lbp, Mcoln2, Slc16a2, Adamts1, and Calr are the top 5 upregulated genes that are specific to tumor necrosis factor transgenic (TNF-Tg) lymphatic muscle cells (LMCs) without notable differential gene expression in TNF-Tg vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) (bold). Similarly, Edn1, Thy1, Fbn1, Cyp2f2, and Clic5 are the top 5 genes specifically downregulated in TNF-Tg LMCs (not bold). Proteins coded by the gene, log2 fold-change (log2FC), and false discovery rates (FDRs) are provided. The top 5 genes were ranked based on log2FC effect size with an FDR < 0.01. The genes were selected by evaluating the top up- or downregulated genes for LMCs and listed if the particular genes were unique to LMCs and not also differentially regulated in VSMCs. The LMC and VSMC populations were defined based on the wild-type (WT) and TNF-Tg integrated datasets in Fig. 3

From: Single-cell transcriptomics of popliteal lymphatic vessels and peripheral veins reveals altered lymphatic muscle and immune cell populations in the TNF-Tg arthritis model

Gene Protein Avg Log2FC FDR
Lbp Lipopolysaccharide-Binding Protein 0.79 3.05E−31
Mcoln2 Mucolipin-2 0.47 1.03E−46
Slc16a2 Monocarboxylate Transporter 8 0.46 1.14E−30
Adamts1 A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase with Thrombospondin Motifs 1 0.46 3.81E−08
Calr Calreticulin 0.45 6.97E−22
Edn1 Endothelin-1 1.14 2.45E42
Thy1 Thy-1/CD90 0.69 4.05E29
Fbn1 Fibrillin-1 0.64 2.14E33
Cyp2f2 Cytochrome P450/Family 2/Subfamily F/Polypeptide 2 0.57 1.48E12
Clic5 Chloride Intracellular Channel Protein 5 0.54 4.16E38