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Table 2 Linkage effects found in OMRF pedigrees using stratification

From: Current status of lupus genetics

Linkage region LOD Cohort ethnicity Stratification criteria Ref(s)
2q34* P = 0.00002 AA Nephritis [93,94]
5p15 6.2 EA, AA, HIS Alleged rheumatoid arthritis [98,99]
5q14 5.0 EA Autoimmune thyroid disease [100]
11p13 3.7 AA Discoid lupus, thrombocytopenia [101,102]
11q14 4.7 AA Hemolytic anemia, nucleolar ANA [102-104]
17p12 4.0 EA Vitiligo [22,105]
19p13.2 3.6 EA Anti-dsDNA [87,106]
  1. *This region is orthologous to that containing the mouse lupus susceptibility locus sle7 [107]. The 2q34 region was analyzed using sib-pair methods; therefore, a P value is generated instead of a log of odds (LOD) score. AA, African-American; ANA, anti-nuclear antibody; EA, European-American; HIS, Hispanic; OMRF, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.