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Erratum to: The role of X-chromosome inactivation in female predisposition to autoimmunity

The Original Article was published on 03 July 2000


It has come to our attention that we overlooked a previous publication in the course ofdiscussing our work (cited above) on X chromosome inactivation and autoimmunity. Weproposed a model that is very similar to one put forward in 1977 by Richard Kast [1]. Thecentral concept is that X inactivation patterns in a tolerizing compartment, such as thethymus, may differ from those in the periphery, and this may predispose females toadditional risk of autoimmunity. Presumably the loss of tolerance due to this mechanism willbe directed at, or initiated by, polymorphic X-linked autoantigens. Our data neither confirmnor definitively refute this idea, and it will be challenging to develop experimental supportfor this hypothesis. In any case, we apologize for the oversight in not citing Dr Kast'sprevious publication.


  1. Kast RE: Predominance of autoimmune and rheumatic diseases in females. J Rheumatol. 1977, 4: 288-292.

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Chitnis, S., Monteiro, J., Glass, D. et al. Erratum to: The role of X-chromosome inactivation in female predisposition to autoimmunity. Arthritis Res Ther 3, E001 (2001).

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