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Age features of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorders in gout

Materials and methods

Are surveyed 76 gout patients, middle age equaled 56.6 ± 7.5 year. Have been distributed on 3 groups: more younger 50, from 50 to 60 and more senior 60 years. Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed by criteria Adult Treatment Panel III (National Institute of Health, USA) [1]. Serum level of Uric Acid defined by colorimetric enzyme method, glucose - by glucose oxidize method, cholesterol, triglycerides and high density lipoproteides-cholesterol - by colorimetric method [2]. Low and very low density lipoproteides-cholesterol defined by "WT Friedewald Equation" (1972) [3].


Metabolic syndrome has been diagnosed at 46 (60.5%) patients. Middle age patients with presence of metabolic syndrome has made 55.7 ± 4.7, without - 57.9 ± 8.3 year.


At the same time we have not revealed age distinctions in occurrence of metabolic syndrome at patients with primary gout, however frequency of IHD of gout patients naturally increased with the years - from 38% to 68%. Patients of the senior age groups the increase in frequency of hypertension and IHD while patients of younger age have obesity, hypertriglyceridemia and hyperglycemia is more often noted.

Table 1 Frequency of revealing of signs of metabolic syndrome at gout patients (n = 76)
Table 2 Frequency of revealing of signs metabolic syndrome at gout patients depending on age, n (%)


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  • Cholesterol
  • Triglyceride
  • Metabolic Syndrome
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